The desired impacts range from economic benefits to other development […] Below are 10 examples of Inclusion Statements I hope you draw inspiration from. She is a 5x American Paralympic Record Holder, former US Team Captain for the 2010 Greek Open, and 3x Junior National Record Holder in swimming. As inclusive language … For example, it is important to avoid assumptions about the gender of the person or groups we are speaking with and always try to use gender inclusive language. Note: If you like this article, you might also check out these 4 diversity tools to help you write more inclusive content. That, I think, would be asking too much, because inclusion is ultimately based upon an open-ended conversation. But don’t share your personal belongings. For example, it may not be apparent to you that a longtime board member or large donor is hiding progressive hearing or vision loss, or that a coworker lives with depression, anxiety, or chronic pain. You can share your lunch every day if you like. 10 Inclusion Statement Examples . The Addis Ababa Action Agenda commits to promote peaceful and inclusive societies and to build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels to enable the effective, efficient and transparent mobilization and use of resources.. IBM’s web site has an Overall Inclusion Statement and Inclusion Statement for Employment. IBM. Here are five ways. For example, your lunch for the day. Inclusive Societies is a social enterprise that provides research, training, and coaching to public and private institutions seeking to increase gender equality and inclusion in their programs and organizations. 1. Even being inclusive has a limit. Growth is strengthened by overall wealth being shared more widely, and generated in a way that is sustainable, and which doesn’t burden future generations with … This conference has asked us to engage in a conversation that is not about building a fully inclusive society. There are many claims for the benefits to society of an inclusive societies approach across a broad range of societal outcomes. Create inclusive classrooms. Know till what you can share and then share to be more inclusive. A “more” inclusive society. What can be done to make our society and world a more inclusive place? The anticipated development benefits of inclusive societies are increasingly present in donor policy thinking and global dialogues, including the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goal framework. It is important to avoid assumptions about one person’s identity marks : sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religious affiliation, level of information and education. Initiate: 10 ways to make society more inclusive for people with disabilities She is passionate about disability youth, sport and empowerment. As part of Pride Month this year, I joined our newly formed LGBTQ Employee Resource Group to learn more about inclusive language and gender identity. Keep this in mind when considering inclusive practices, as they matter as much for your board room and your office as for public events. The Inclusive Development Index gives a much clearer measure of the success of a nation’s economy, says the report. You would try your best to be inclusive, but for that you shouldn’t sacrifice your own values and principles. Specifically, the Addis Agenda:.

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